Explore our inventory of Juniper SFP+ and XFP 10G Compatibles, where we cover most popular Juniper 10G modules – allowing you to save, build faster and do that with confidence.

Juniper SFP+ and XFP 10G Compatibles

Since so many engineers all across the world are accustomed to the Juniper SFP+, XFP and Juniper DWDM 10G transceiver nomenclature, for the sake of convenience with help of Juniper Hardware Compatibility Tool we have matched Juniper OEM products versions with our offered Juniper 10G transceiver range. This section will cover Juniper 10Gb SFP+, XFP and Juniper DWDM Tunable XFP, SFP+ modules. Compatible Juniper SFP+ 10G Transceivers are the most commonly used modules in Juniper equipment. We provide a wide range of compatible Juniper 10Gb SFP+ Transceivers, allowing engineers to achieve both cost savings and the ability to build better network solutions.

Our Juniper SFP+ 10G transceiver portfolio can be significantly larger than that offered by the manufacturer and mentioned below, as we can configure almost any transceiver from our product portfolio to successfully work on any Juniper platform – EX series, QFX series, SRX, MX, PTX, ACX series and others. Because the same Juniper part number can have several model names, we have segmented Juniper compatible 10G SFP+ models with EX, QFX, SFPP, SRX, JNP taxonomies. To check which exact module is supported by your switch or router please go to Juniper Hardware Compatibility Tool. Please Contact Us if you have any questions!

Juniper 10G SFP+

Our Juniper 10G SFP+ compatible transceivers range is the most popular and commonly used Juniper 10Gb SFP optics, and it is used to create 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments in a number of networking scenarios. It is possible for us to encode our Juniper SFP+ compatible transceiver for successful and reliable operation on all Juniper mainstream platforms, including the EX, MX, ASX, PTX, NFX, SRX, QFX. Please see below for our complete collection of double fiber Juniper SFP+ Modules. If you are seeking for BiDi 10G modules – not a problem! We can prepare Juniper BIDI 10G SFP+ transceivers to work in all mentioned platforms – check out in our Juniper compatibles page.

Juniper DWDM optics – Tunable XFP/SFP+

Using the C-Band (Common Band) optical channel plan as described by ITU-T G.694.1, DWDM technology remains the dominant method for extending the capacity of dark fiber. DWDM solutions allow the transmission of up to 40 independent parallel data streams over a pair of single-mode optical fibers or 20 parallel data streams over a single (BIDI) single-mode optical fiber. DWDM multiplexing units are fully data rate or line protocol neutral, are simple to install and require no configuration or maintenance.

Our Juniper DWDM optics portfolio includes not only Juniper DWDM Tunable SFP+ and XFP optical transceivers that enable users to tune their wavelengths based on actual network demand, but fixed wavelength Juniper compatible DWDM optics 10G SFP+, XFP, and 1.25G SFP. We would be delighted to assist you and advise you on the optimal Juniper DWDM solution components, feel free to Contact Us.

The distinguishing feature of the Tunable DWDM modules is their ability to support wavelength tuning according to network designer needs. This is beneficial for large-scale DWDM networks as it can reduce spares and greatly simplify network planning. The Juniper host CLI or an external transceiver programming device is used to tune the wavelength. Not all Juniper host devices support wavelength tuning functionality. Nowadays, the Tunable Juniper DWDM SFP+ compatibles are more popular than the Tunable XFP simply because SFP+ form factor is more current. Below mentioned tunable Juniper DWDM optics can be tuned into the 50GHz DWDM ITU-T channel spectrum and can connect devices as far apart as 80 kilometers.

Juniper XFP 10G

The Juniper XFP 10G optical transceivers are the first generation of 10G transceivers. They are made to support multi-rate applications like 10G Ethernet and OC-192/STM-64. This Juniper XFP 10G compatible section is split into two parts. Juniper hardware compatibility tool models with part numbers that begin with EX- are for the EX series, while models with part numbers that begin with XFP- are for the MX series. Today, Juniper XFP 10G transceivers are mostly used for 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Packet-over-SONET/SDH (POS) connectivity options in the data center, enterprise wiring closet, and service provider transport applications.